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CFP course - Regular mode

Rs. 40,000

This is a 4 month course which course covers the syllabus for the CFP exam in India. The modules covered are Financial planning, Retirement planning and employee benefits, Investment planning, Risk analysis and insurance planning, Tax and estate planning and Advanced Financial planning.

CFP course - Challenger mode

Rs. 40,000

This is a 6 week course for candidates qualified to take the ‘Challenger’ mode. This course covers the last module of the syllabus - Advanced Financial Planning.


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Financial planning concepts

Rs. 7,500

Who can attend? - Entrepreneurs, corporate employees,Individuals. 2 day, 6 hrs. - INtro, Cash flow and debt management, overview of risk management, business aspects of financial planning, risk analysis, insurance planning, retirement planning and employee benefits, tax and estate planning, income tax computation, tax management techniques, wills, trust, indian succession act.

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